Production Dates, Serial numbers


Produced late 1982 - 1985 (WB2VUF s/n 349 3/83; s/n 227 1-17-83)
Highest Serial Number 1500 ???

Corsair II

Produced 1986-1989 ???
Initially consecutively serialized, up to 2700 ??? (2165 was purchased 4-13-88, 2477 was purchased 4-30-88, 2576 was purchased 10-21-88 and 2683 was purchased 12-27-88)
Then date coded serial numbers up to at least 90A10279. [The last digit is the year ("9"=89), the digits before the letter define the month ("90"=Sept, "04"=Apr), "A1" can be ignored, and the next 3 digits are serialized for the production run]

There is some confusion with Corsair II serial numbering because Ten-Tec evidently used Model 580 (instead of Model 561) serial number labels for a significant portion of Corsair II production. Both of these labels are from Corsair II units:


Limited number were produced with TX EN and TX OUT qsk keying loop jacks: 04A10289 , 04A10579 (WB8YQJ), 04A10099 (G4FPH) - the 90AXXXX9 units did NOT have the qsk keying loop

The Corsair II was succeeded in production by the Omni V. Production overlapped for perhaps 7 months in 1989, with the earliest Omni V serial numbers being 2XXXXX9 and the latest being 2XXXXX1 (1991). I was surprised to recently find a Corsair II with an identical s/n of 41A10039 to an Omni V that was reported!