Corsair Maintenance & Repair Tips

knob set screws

1/16 inch allen wrench except main tuning knob reportedly requires 1.3mm or .050 inch

replacing the dial skirt

(from G3TXQ)

I find the safest way is to slip some thin insulated wire behind the
skirt, slide it down to the shaft and pull.

I've used two ways to put it back:

1) Tie some very thin cord around the straight section of the spring
clip and pull the clip open with the cord as you push the skirt back
over the shaft. Then use lots of bad words when the cord keeps slipping
off the clip!

2) Take a plastic tie wrap (or any flexible plastic) of the right width;
jam the end of it into the skirt so that it holds the clip open; slide
the skirt on the shaft; then pull the tie-wrap free. This always works
best for me and I don't say the bad words :) The right tie wrap is kept
in the same box as the right Allen key!!

VFO Jumper Plug

Molex 03-06-2092 with male pins 02-06-2103 or 02-06-6103.
9 pin plugs with .062" male pins. Readily available at Mouser, Allied, etc
Jumper pins 2 to 6

Meter Lamp Replacement

(from WA9JML) model BA9S-WHP9. It is the cool white light model. and really lights up that meter