Corsair TX-EN TX-OUT Mod

Note: my Corsair II was delivered without the TX EN and TX OUT keying loop jacks on the back panel.(there were both a QSK and and an EXT T/R jack). With hand written notes from the TT repair Tech, I applied a keying loop circuit modification to use the AUX +12 VDC Jacks as TX EN and TX OUT by cutting the TR line between the Control board (80878) and the Mode Switch board (81255) re-directing two wires spliced from the TR line where it was cut to the the new TX EN and TX OUT. When the keying loop is absent or open the Corsair II CANNOT transmit unless a short or jumper is applied between TX EN and TX OUT.

I use my CORSAIR II with this mod to run full QSK with my Titan 425.

73 & DX,

Gary - AB9M

(note: this mod will probably NOT work with non-TenTec amplifiers)