Corsair II - Random Tips & Comments
  • If you want to get the most out of your Corsair, install the audio mods and the op-amp replacement - they really are worth the effort
  • A modified Corsair II ends up easily being one of THE best cw operator's radios ever. It's great on ssb also.
  • The QSK is the best Ten-Tec or anybody else ever offered
  • With the mods, the internal noise level is already VERY low, but tweak it even lower with the NOTCH filter around "7" on CW
  • The N4YG DDS sidetone is amazing and nicely enhances cw sending
  • You should check the passband of each of your filters by sending the audio to a soundcard running spectrum analysis software with the receiver tuned to band noise. This is especially critical if you have old Ten-Tec filters installed because a large percentage of them don't age very gracefully after 15 years. The center frequencies drift, the passband can become lumpy, the gain can fall, etc etc