Corsair Tuning Knob - Adding Heft

Does anyone know of an off-the-shelf weighted tuning knob that will fit on the Corsair shaft? I'd like to swap out the stock knob for something with more heft.

Standard knobs are for a quarter inch shaft. The Corsair knob fits a 3/16" shaft or thereabouts. You will need a spacer. - N4NT

This may be an old trick & it may be something I came up with a long time ago when I remember doing it to the knob on my TR7 but regardless, here's what I did & it did work very well. (better than my memory it appears…)

remove the tuning knob. Fill the inside with lead shot. Use hot glue from a hot glue gun to seal in the shot or use rubber cement to do the same. (I experimented awhile till I found the right heft, removed the BB's & then mixed the bb's in rubber cement & then put the whole sticky mess inside the knob) I did the latter part to assure no future rattling of bb's as the knob turned.

It's a nice easy fix and can be undone if wished with no damage to the outside of the knob.

P.S. I personally like the easy tuning feel on my Corsair II, I thought about doing the lead shot addition with this rig 10 years ago when I sold the TR-7 & got the Corsair but decided I liked it better the way it is. Since I like contesting & am always moving the knob; easier is… well, easier… - KA1J

If you want a non-permanent trial of this idea, just pour in b-b's into the back of the knob and secure with electrical tape across the back of the knob. It's then easily removed if you don't like the added weight. I find that the extra weight doesn't make much of a difference when tuning fast, but helps your hand make more delicate, fine tuning adjustments.