Corsair II Manual Errata

p3-10 RF Mixer Schematic

Inductance values marked "mH" are actually uH.

L6: Canned variable (21056) assumed to be 5.6uH [ Resonates with C15 at 9MHz]

p3-17 IF/AF Board Schematic

1. omits these references:

  • U1,3,4 RC4136
  • U2 LM358
  • U5 LM380
  • Q4 3N203

2. reference designator omitted on op-amp at bottom right: should read U4C

3. Q4 is marked "Q5" on the pcb silkscreen

4. schematic omits connection from +12V to Q9 emitter/R49/R47 junction

5. Pitch and Level controls, labelled R93 and R97 on the schematic, are silk-screened as R2 and R3 on the board

6. Schematic Q6 is marked "Q9" on pcb

7. Q11 and Q12 designators are reversed between schematic and PCB silkscreen

p3-21 Double Sideband Generator

The designators under item 1 should read R11 and R12 instead of R3 and R4

p3-28 LPF-TR

  • 470 ohm resistors in series with D1 and D2 are not shown on the schematic
  • R3 is 100 ohms, not 330 ohms
  • R6 is 47 ohms, not 150 ohms

p3-29 Digital Readout

The text describes the digital readout circuitry of the Corsair I which was changed considerably for the Corsair II. The schematics on p3-30 and p3-33 are the correct updated schematics but the text on p3-29 refer to obsolete circuitry.

Noise Blanker

The schematic was left out of the manual.